Friday, December 17, 2010

I'm back

Yesterday was killer as I'm sure you can tell.  I ended up calculating that I spent a total of eleven hours at school.  The last nine hours were really miserable.  I had no food and no breaks.  I really thought I might pass out or throw up.  Healthy I know but I was bound and determined to get everything done if it killed me.  I turned everything in that I could and ended up leaving school at 8:30pm.  Ew. 
I had calculated my overall grades for my classes and it was really depressing.  I'm getting Cs in at least two of my classes.  After all that hard work I still get Cs.  My teacher had told me that a few large projects of mine were fine when I showed them to her.  I turned them in and got Cs.  Lets just say that I was a little more than upset.  I cried all of the way home. Really hard. It was pathetic.  I guess it was all of that pent up stress and emotion. 
My parents were at a home-group dinner and so the house was empty.  I really needed someone to be there so I called a few friends but they weren't able to pick up and texting wouldn't have done it so I ignored that option.  I called my friend Tortuga from work.  She lives a few blocks away from me and so I wondered if she was home. 
She was and so we quick ran to Panda Express and I got myself a panda bowl with fried rice and orange chicken.  At this particular location they have this amazing peach tea and so I got some of that too.  It was just what I needed after only eating one meal that day.  (A bowl of chili) Mind you I wasn't starving myself I was just incredibly busy. 
We headed back to Tortugas house after quick stopping and getting ice-cream and cheese-curds for her.  After an enthusiastic greeting from her dog we sat down and ate our food.  We watched CSI and a little bit of Degrassi. Yeah, Degrassi. lol  It was entertaining. 
After that I went home and used our new massage bed.  I fell asleep for part of it but I was so sore.  I went upstairs and got online because Sephre had updated her status but she wasn't online so I climbed into my bed and set my alarm for 2:30am.  That is when the live stream of those bands was supposed to be on. 
My alarm never went off and I missed it.  To bad. 
I slept in until at least 10am and then got up and took a shower.  Dad came home and we talked for a bit and then I think I got online again. 
I had the Chiropractor at 2pm so after a quick new music video screening thanks to Lysa I was off. 
I came back home after the chiropractor and got ready for the formal tonight. Speaking of the formal I leave very soon so I shall have to go now.
Bob is home tonight after 4 months of not seeing her.  I get to see her after the formal. I am excited. :)

Sionara interwebz!

-Melina Rose

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