Sunday, December 12, 2010

I'm back now and the world smells like chocolate chip cookies

Good evening!
Today I had to get up early because Mom was singing on our church worship team.  My dad didn't want to make her drive in the snow so we all took the same car.  We left at 8:10am.  The drive there wasn't to bad.  We did slide around a lot and we did see a SUV stuck in the opening of a side street.  There was about one and a half feet of snow around its tires.
Church was good and most of the kids for the Christmas play were able to show up and so they didn't cancel it.  It was a repeat of one that I had been in over ten years ago!  I was sitting next to one of my friends who had been in it with me and we sang almost all of the songs. It was fun. :)
After church we went out to a favorite buffet of mine.  Yum :D
We went home and i was nodding off writing the beginning of this post so I went to take a nap.  I slept until 6pm and then went downstairs to get back on the computer.
I resumed talking with Lysa and began talking with Bob.  I miss Sephre a lot.  It hasn't been that she has been gone for a long time really.  I am just so used to talking to her everyday now! Maybe she will be back online tomorrow.  Ah! she updated her status!...........but isn't online.  *is sad*
I am currently in a terrible mood.  Thinking about way to many things at once.  Relationships, timing, school, people, stuff..............
I have a headache.
We watched sound of music and ate turkey and yams with apples and cookies with milk tonight.  It was nice.

I wanted to put my fortunes from my fortune cookies up but I can't find them.... hopefully later.

Goodnight interwebz.....I wish you could give me a hug.

-Melina Rose

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