Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Note: This post was started quite a while ago and I forgot about it. I just finished it today.
Yesterday was a good day.
I went to church and sat with Lysa (who is also back from college for Christmas break).
The sermon was very good and kept me interested. It was about Esther and the similarities between her saving her people and Jesus saving us.  Like I said before it was very interesting. You should read the book of Esther (don't worry it isn't super long) and try to find all the similarities you can.
After  church I went with Lysas family to her house and then Lysa and I took the car and went to the Korean restaurant close by.  Neither of us had had Korean food before and since we are both very interested in the culture we really wanted to try it.  It. Was. Amazing. *dies*  There was a lot of food but even though we were really full it wasn't the painful feeling of being full.  I think that it must have been a bit healthier food to be able to not hurt even though you are stuffed.  Lysa and I both got Bulgogi. The only difference is that she got chicken Bulgogi.  So good.

After that we went to her house and picked up her brother to drop him off at their church for his play practice.  Lysa dropped me off at my house and went back to hers for their family Bible study.
I watched Despicable me with my parents and it was soooo cuuuute!! Such a good movie.  I want it. lol Anyone want to give me a minion too?

Minionnnnnnn. <3
(These pictures were taken off of the interwebz by the way. I just googled them that's all.)
   After the movie I went to Lysas house and we drove to the mall. It was really fun listening to songs like Love Ya by SS501. (Yes I am now off of my self inflicted K-pop ban ^^.) We got to the mall and parked on one of the upper levels.
We went inside and headed to a few different stores including Dairy Queen for a cookie dough Blizzard for Lysa, The Tea Garden for Bubble tea for me.
Since I am picking up this post quite a bit later. (I forgot it was in my drafts) I do not remember what happened after this. I know I had a lot of fun though. lol fail at remembering to finish this post that day.

Will you be my minion interwebz?

-Melina Rose


  1. yay for bulgogi! Let me know if you're into cooking, I have great korean recipes for kalbi, bulgogi and the likes ....compliments of my MIL (mother in law) :)

    gota keep the hubby happy and fed :)

  2. oh and also, i'll send u some links on korean cooking..too bad ur not in cali :( i could take u to so many korean restaurants :)

  3. AHhh! That would be awesome! I love cooking! (or attempting it) Aww yeah it is to bad :/ That sounds like a blast :)