Sunday, December 19, 2010

Life is like dancing. As long as you are confident you will do fine.

So the night before last was our church formal.  I was actually rather nervous because while at first Bree and Christal said they were going to be coming they ended up not coming.  I don't really know the other girls that went very well so I was nervous that I wouldn't have anyone to hang out with.
It turned out really fun though.  I came in the door of the first location and was immediately greeted by three girls that were already there.  They made me feel welcome and all my fears were melted away like the snow on my toes.
The formal was a progressive dinner.
First stop:
We had mini quiches and those deli rolls from Sams Club. lol They were so good. There was also this punch that they had made with sherbet that was really good. There were challenges at each location so the challenge for this one involved marshmallows. I saw the bags of marshmallows and my thoughts immediately went to "please don't make us eat them."  I really didn't want to have to feel sick afterwards.
We were divided into teams. Our team name was "Super Classy". We competed against teams, Great, Teeth, and The 'stache.  Our challenge? Build the best snowman out of marshmallows and whatever else you could find. Our snowman ended up being a small snowman on a marshmallow mountain.  It was awesome but we got last place.

Second Stop:
Main Course
The main course was amazing! We were served an delicious and very large chicken enchilada.  So. Good. All I can say.  So. Good.
After dinner we had Christmas trivia challenge which I think we might have won part of and then a spoons challenge which we won. Yay!

Final Stop:
We got to the last house and just kind of hung out for a while.  There were mini cheese-cakes upstairs and marzipan too.  There was a limbo contest for our last challenge. Do you know how hard it is to limbo in a full length dress? Difficult.  I almost won (who knew) but someone shorter than me had the advantage and took the win.  I really don't mind. lol
After prizes had been handed out an awesome dance party burst out. It was great.  It got so hot in the basement we had to open a window.  We danced until the play list ended and then ran upstairs to get water.
When we came back down we had a bit more dancing and then we all kind of collapsed into the couches because we were so tired.  Some people left and then our youth pastor started a game of The Moose is Ready.  If you have every played this game you will know it gets pretty hilarious.  We played for a very long time and had great fun laughing at each other making the silliest noises and motions to be our animal.
Finally we all we tired and we went home.
The end. It was a blast. :D

Feliz Navidad interwebz

-Melina Rose