Tuesday, December 28, 2010

No Net at the Port

 I am sitting here in the airport without internet. How will I post this you ask? Well, I will just type it up before and then copy and paste it later.  Today is the day after Christmas. We went to church this morning and worship was super good.  I was supposed to sing but we were supposed to be flying out to CA this morning instead of afternoon. All flights are oversold so it is difficult since we fly non-rev.  I almost fell asleep in the sermon even though it was a good one. I am so tired.
We came home and ate left over Christmas food and then decided to try for a flight today.  We didn’t want to try one flight and then have to try to go to a different city and have our bags sent to the first city so we are only taking carry-ons. It is rather difficult to pack everything you need for three days into one backpack. That is everything and not just clothes and such.  I packed about 4 books, one composition book, various stocking stuffer candy, laptop, camera, ipod, phone. Stuff like that. I wore three jackets, hoodies and the thought crossed my mind that I wish I could wear more than one pair of shoes. Yes, I am wearing some of my clothes to transport them. 
We got to the airport after 3pm and sat down to wait for our first attempt at getting seats to San Francisco.  We got a bit of food while we waited. I had a plain bagel and cream cheese and my parents had burgers and frys. It’s not like I’m a health nut or anything but fried food just doesn’t sound good to me right before flying.
Attempt #1 failed
We found out the location of our next flight and started heading to the concourse. We got some Caribou on the way. Mom got a sugar-free, decaff, caramel latte. Dad got a mocha and I got a caramel cooler. I had fun listening to my kpop and mouthing the words as we walked. I’m sure I looked really strange but who cares. Lol I was having fun.
We arrived at the gate and they had little posts where you can plug in your electronics! While yes, this does not provide me with internet it means I can use my computer without using up the very short battery life.  Yay!
I had been working on writing more of my story at the last gate and so I sat down and typed up what I have so far. Spell checked it and formatted it how I wanted in word. Word isn’t very good for formatting compared to InDesign but it will have to do. I made the page half of a eight and a half by eleven page because that is how I imagine a page in a book. Lol At that size with the font being 10pts I have nine pages! Yay! 
I am also listening to music on my computer since I didn’t bring a charger for my ipod and my computer isn’t losing battery. I am missing a lot of music from before when we had to reformat it but it is still very nice to have. 
I am getting very bored so I took some pictures featuring various airport views and my domo from Taco Bell. I broke out the peach rings, and shortly after started on this post.  Lucky you, you get a few excessively long blog posts. I have nothing else to do!
            There are little kids laughing and it makes me smile. One looks like my cousin who is where we are going to visit. I am so excited to see them and my other family that is there.

Me thinks I am going to end this post and work on one telling you about my Christmas interwebz.

-Melina Rose   

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