Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dinner Time calls for a short break

I have been working on my typography homework non-stop since I finished lunch at 3 something. It was a late lunch. The thing about this part of my typography homework is that I have to be hunched over my work at a table. I chose our kitchen table since it has more room. My neck and back hurt so much though. I managed to do the hand done work for my Ledgability (however you spell it) and Readability assignment as well as for my Kerning assignment. I was working on designing a typeface/ hand lettering when my mom asked me to clear the table. I am currently sitting on the couch like a tired blob listening to Wishery (Disney Remix)  by Pogo on YouTube. Link
Hopefully I will gain some energy from dinner. It smells like we are having tacos and by the shells on the table I think my guess is correct. I could fall asleep now if given the chance. I don't have school tomorrow but I will be going anyway to do my homework. *sings* Such is the liiiife I leeeaaad. (yet another Disney reference) :P 
Listening to Upular now. I think dinner is ready so off I go. 

BYE-YUM interwebz

-Melina Rose

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