Thursday, January 27, 2011

This is not about a party.

I didn't mean to

I had school. I came home telling myself I needed to get a lot done and got nothing done. I went and picked up Mnonaa and we went to youth group. Our youth pastor is sick with the stomach flu and so there was no worship practice on Tuesday. We parked in the parking lot and before going in exchanged our much delayed Christmas presents. I now own a Korean language book! Yay! We went inside and i sat down at the piano and played some songs while singing. A few other people joined in before we all went to eat the mashed potato bar. After dinner we all listened to Lysas dad talk about the missions trip to Arizona. Mnonaa seemed like she wanted to go. I wish I had enough money to do something like that again. It is no longer safe to go to Mexico on missions trips. I hope that the friends that I had made while there are doing well.
After church we went back to my house and made some green tea with honey in it. I don't have a real thermos so we just put it in my metal water bottle and put that in a clean sock. Clean. The bottle was to hot to hold otherwise. I grabbed the short version of my story off of the computer and we headed to her house. She grabbed her small tea cups and I poured the tea into them. We have no self control when it comes to drinking tea slowly and it was gone in a matter of minutes. I noticed that it was very close to 11 and told Mnonaa that I had to leave soon. We sat down on the couch and she read my shortened version of the story that I am itching to work on.  After she finished reading it I gave her the link to this blog. *waves to her* hiiiiii. lol I got home after 11 and so I get no kpop today. Sad face. Lysa and I made an agreement that to motivate ourselves to get to bed at a decent hour (11) the consequence if we didn't make it would be no kpop the next day. Bummer for me.

I get to work on the story again starting tomorrow interwebz. I can't wait.

-Melina Rose

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