Saturday, January 22, 2011

My Adventures in a 20 Below World


I was sitting on the couch downstairs still up from my remaining writing homework and they second part of the story I had finished afterwards. Suddenly the lights turned off, then on, then off again. This was at 3am. I said goodbye to Lysa and closed my laptop. I went upstairs to investigate the incredibly loud beeping coming from the office. It must have been something with the battery back-ups for our computers or something. Dad came out and took care of it and called the power company to report it. I tried to snuggle into a pile of blankets on my bed as much as I could. In that stillness and quiet I heard a car driving by outside. I wondered who it could be returning home at 3:30 in the morning. It was a  police car. I wonder what the point of them making a round through our neighborhood was. My mom asked my dad what he was doing and he replied that he had been calling the power company. She said that it was taking a long time. I laughed when he replied with "Well you try calling the power company in the dark." lol
I had an 8am class and dad said that the power wasn't going to come back on until 6:50am. I'm really thankful that we have a gas fireplace that doesn't need the electricity to run but I don't have an alarm clock like that. My alarm clock had no power and I couldn't charge my phone.
Thankfully one of my school friends texted me in the morning asking if I was going to class and that woke me up. I got a call from my dad telling me that it was 20 below outside and the roads were covered in black ice. He suggested I leave early since the road he was on was shut down due to several serious crashes. I thanked him and went out to the truck to get it warming up. After sitting there for a while, I tried to shift into reverse. It worked but the stick was really stiff. It literally had frozen solid overnight. I drove to school as carefully as possible and hurried into the building. In the time it took for me to walk from my driveway across the street to my truck I hadn't been able to feel my fingers. As I walked into school, I wished that I had a cup of coffee or something to keep my hands warmer.
I was the first to show up for class. Half came and half stayed home. I got a lot done and then went home to eat since I hadn't that morning. After eating a bowl of soup I started working on studying for my Personal Finance Test that I had to do. Ew. I really dislike this class a lot. It is an accounting class and I swear they try to make it more difficult than it needs to be. I want to know how many people use words like liquidity and monetary assets in their normal vocabulary. I finished the test with a decent grade for what it was and rushed around getting ready to go to Brees 18th birthday party.
I got there 5 minutes late but it was okay because she was running late too.

My next post will be about her party interwebz. I have to run to work now!

-Melina Rose

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