Sunday, January 30, 2011

That akward moment when somone takes a picture of you through the drive-through window when you are working.

I just got home from work and am incredibly tired. I can't really feel my legs or feet except for a dull throbbing pain. Yes, I work in the fast food industry. Yesterday and today were our busiest days and they were even busier than last year. We were sold out of many many things. Being in constant motion for around five hours I found, makes you dizzy. I had a ten minute break and that was nice but it was insane, crazy, busy. I had an 8 hour shift yesterday. I was so thankful that I went to bed at a decent hour. *noms on Nachos* Good ole Taco Bell what would I do without you?
I'm still cold. It was freezing cold because the drive-through window was open most of the night. It is snowing really lightly outside. When I walked out to my truck I kind of wanted to just keep walking. It would have been nice to go on a walk. Buuuuuut..... walks in the middle of the night alone (when you are a girl) are not the best idea and I have a bedtime to stick to. 1am.

That means I have an hour interwebz

-Melina Rose

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