Friday, January 14, 2011

Ew.... Typography

Ok so I am back at school. It isn't that I hate typography in itself. It is just, I have no interest in comparing several different versions of a font and writing a 500 word paper on the foundries and differences in stroke and serif. Possible differences in the X height and stuff like that. Rather boring.
I had Portfolio class this morning and it is sounding like it is going to go well. We organized our work into three categories which are Raster, Vector and Layout. Otherwise known as Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign at our school.
I went home and made lunch for myself :) I made instant Chicken Ramen, Tomagoyaki and Tomago Tomadachi. mmmmm yum! I had green tea mochi for dessert! I am a little ashamed to admit it but there were six or seven left in the box and I ate them all. :/ 
I have been watching You're Beautiful again! I watched an episode while I ate :)
As I said before though, I'm back at school to work on my typography homework form last semester so I should get that done.

Fighting interwebz!

-Melina Rose

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