Thursday, January 20, 2011

Lessons learned from a dumb person: Do NOT save your writing assignments for the day they are due.

So yes, I know that it is never a good idea to wait until the day something is due to look at what the assignment is and do it but, I was dumb and did anyway.
The first assignment wasn't to bad. You had to read through three different sections of the newspaper and then make up bits of story from one thing from each section. I enjoyed that one actually. It took mmmm a little over 3 hours to do?
I ate dinner and finished that one and sent it in. I then looked at my next writing assignment and was sooo thankful that it was 7:45pm.
The assignment was to go to a coffee shop and eaves drop on someones conversation. Yeah. Not only did you have to listen to their conversation but you had to write it all down. I immediately packed up my stuff and booked it to the coffee shop. They close at 9 or 10pm on week nights here. It was surprisingly busy and loud but I sad down next to two groups of people. I started out trying to hear two guys conversation but they were mumbling and left soon after. You could say I had better luck with the next conversation I listened to but my hand about fell off from trying to write fast enough. If you compared how fast they were talking with a land animal it would have been a cheetah. Not only were they talking incredibly fast but since it was so loud in there I could barely hear them. I couldn't exactly pull my chair closer and ask them to speak louder. My assignments were due at 11pm tonight. I left the coffee shop at 9pm and rushed back home. I literally was out of breath and feeling sick by the time I finished this assignment. I had not a clue what I had written and I did a quick spell check and that was it before turning it in 6 minutes before 11pm. Yes. I am dumb. The part of the assignment that I have not yet told you about was that I had to take their very garbled and choppy conversation and fill in the blanks with my imagination. I was dealing with serious conversations about God, relationships and pot roast here!! All still very garbled! Just like me with my friends they jumped topics constantly with no visible connection! Least to say this is not my greatest piece of work and I am thoroughly ashamed of the result of my stupidity.

Learn from my mistake interwebz

-Melina Rose

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