Monday, October 18, 2010

Hello there

Ok, so it isn't like I have never had a blog before but I really didn't know what to do with it and I kind of ditched it. I am hoping that this one continues on and hopefully some people will pay attention to it and comment on it.  It will probably be a mix of a journal, poetry, quotes and pure randomness.  I doubt I will be posting regularly but I will try to keep posting on it.  Hello anyone who sees this :)

What I did today...

Today I was woken up by my dad with promises of coffee if I got up.  We ate breakfast and got ready for church but we were running late so we didn't get any coffee.  I went to sit with my friends and it was a good service. 
After church I talked to a few friends and then my parents and I went to Taco Bell.  Yum :)  I got a crispy potato soft taco and a chicken quesadilla.  We went home and then went to the movie theater and saw Red.  (Retired Extremely Dangerous)  I loved it.
When we got home I went straight upstairs to take a nap because I was very tired.  I planned on taking just a half hour nap but it ended up being two hours.  That is a long time!  Anyway, when i woke up i went downstairs and ate the piece of pizza that my parents left me and watched the end of the movie they were watching.  My dad made homemade chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. Yum :)
After that I went back upstairs and got on the computer. Talked to friends, added this blog, Face booked, You tubed.... :) Great stuff.  I managed to work on a bit of homework too.  Not as much as I should have though.  It is currently 1:11am though and I should probably go to bed soonish.

Goodnight interwebz :)
-Melina Rose

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