Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Yay for productive days :)

   Today I woke up on time and took about 20 min to get ready for my 8am class.  I headed to my Advanced Electronic Publishing class and actually payed attention.  We talked about our calendars that were due and our next project which is our newsletter.  
   After that I ran back home and had some pea soup and french bread and the rest the jello that I had made while watching part of Confessions of a Shopaholic. I went back to school for my Advanced Illustrator class and worked on my flower with the gradient mesh.  After that I rushed home and backed a bento for dinner.  Went back to school again and got to my Advanced Typography class an hour early so I finished my numbers project for that class and assembled my brochure for Advanced Electronic Publishing.  My online open book midterm for AT was open at 2:30pm and I took it in less than half an hour.  It was done before our class even started. 
   I stayed in the class room working on the numbers project and my magazine cover until a little after 6.  I talked to Lysa and Bob for while and that was nice.  I made up a really fun story for Lysa.  Twas....fun. :P lol
I went home and nearly got blown away by the crazy strong wind.  I wrote a kind of poem about it.  Here it is:
As I step outside I am swallowed by the roaring of an ocean of air
I stumble backwards as I am hit by the wall of wind
I steady myself and push forward
It takes me three times as long to walk to the truck
I grasp onto the handle and pull
Nothing happens until I put my whole weight into leaning backwards
I brace myself and finally coax the door to open
I throw my backpack into the truck and try to pull the door closed
Mr Wind held my door open for a little longer
After a while he loosened his grasp and let me pull it closed
I battled the blustery weather and pulled into my normal parking spot
As I once again trekked to my destination
The constant stream of air combed its fingers through my hair
I reached the door and concealed myself from the wind

   I drank the soup that my mom had made out of a large mug while sitting and watching glee and dancing with the stars and talking with people on the computer.  I am now watching the rest of Confessions of a Shopaholic.  I made a few sets on Polyvore and ate part of my parents stash of chocolate. :P 
   I miss my friends still.  I really thought I was going to be sitting at home on Halloween.  Not saying that I don't want to hang out with my parents but I normally hang out with DLBF and she made plans and didn't invite me.  But I asked St. if she was doing anything and she isn't!  She has to double check but the plan is to get free Chipotle and then go to the Arboretum dressed up. :) Looking forward to it.

What are you doing for Halloween interwebz?

-Melina Rose

P.S. Here is one of the sets :) http://www.polyvore.com/four_ls_in_life/set?id=24405353