Thursday, October 21, 2010

Quick before I sleep

I am just doing a quick update this time since I have class at 8 tomorrow and a really busy day. 

   Today I woke up and drank a smoothie my mom made for breakfast.  I then went to my Advanced Photoshop class and showed my teacher my nameplate/masthead for my magazine cover.  We also worked on printing my book cover. 
   After class I went home and ate a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup.  Yum.  I called my friend Lee to sort out some things and headed to Target to pick up my new boots that I mentioned before.  I love them.
  Got home and worked on homework while talking to people on the phone and computer.  I cut out my book cover and that went well.  I glued the two sides of my brochure together and then cut them but what I didn't realize what that i should have cut them before because since they were back to back the sides where opposite and the part that needed to be cut off did not work to be cut off while attached to the other side.  Wow... that was a long complicated sentence.  Sorry. lol
I skipped youth group tonight because I didn't want to go to the nursing home with my small group.  I started thinking about my Grandma and got really emotional.  I made plans to hang out with Mnonaa.  It was great.  I drew a Tiger boy chibi.  I love it.  Took me over two hours though lol.
I got home and finished watching You're Beautiful with my mom and then got on the comp and talked to people again.  Still talking to them actually. lol
Just logged out.  Haha.  Bedtime for Melina.

Hope you get some sleep too interwebz

-Melina Rose

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