Thursday, October 28, 2010

Do you remember the last time we did that?

So I just got done talking to Jayne on the phone.  I think our conversation time totaled around 2 hours!  It has been years since I last talked to her that long on the phone.  Haha the last time we took just half an hour to say goodbye because we kept trying to trick each other into thinking the we had hung up when we hadn't.  It ended with me hanging up and then calling back to apologize for hanging up.  Haha those were the days.....
I will tell you about our conversation once I return from food.  I am desperately hungry and shall not be kept from sustenance!!
I return with Special K with berries (strawberries) :)
Ok so she popped up on chat and our conversation and we talked about some random stuff and then got talking about what we disagree on.  She ended up calling me and we started talking about what we disagree on and how we are different and pretty much what happened with our relationship.  It was a good talk and there was a lot of laughter and long awkward silences.  We made two lists. One of things we disagree on and one of things we agree on.  Both are somewhat sketchy but here they are.

Things we disagree on:
Friends (We have friends that have wronged each other and our other friends- how we view that and if it matters in our relationship)
Dating - not the general idea of it mostly, but putting into action
Personalities -Completely opposite
Writing Poetry- I do she doesn't
My Future - although she agrees (lol)
This list
My shoes - haha (she hates it when I wear heels and wants me to be shorter)
Neopets (yes, neopets-I like she doesn't~even though I haven't played in forever lol)
Bipolar/mental illnesses in general
Blogging - She doesn't like it because of past experiences with people and I.....well this is my blog isn't it?

Things we agree on:
Politics - abortion, gay rights, small government (As far as we can tell)
Our senior pastors wife- we both like her lol
People - good/bad
Longs walks-we both like them
Sims-both enjoy playing it
Alcohol-follow the laws, not good to get drunk, rather not have people drinking in front of people who are underage
Graphic Design-from two different view points

So there is the gist of what we talked about.  It was a good talk and I think we both benefited from it.  It will be interesting to see what happens with us. :)  I love her though and care about her.  After all she is my "adopted sister." :)
I hear that you can make phone calls through the interwebz...

-Melina Rose


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