Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday and I'm back at it...

  Well, I ended up staying up until 3am this morning.  I blame it on my two hour nap.  I woke up on time mentally awake but feeling not so great.  My bed was sooo comfy and I didn't want to get up. 
But I have class at 10 so i got up at 9ish to gather my books and get dressed.  Thankfully i didn't have to mess with my hair at all because i had left it in a bun when it was wet and it made it wavy.  It still looks kind of messy but such is the life of a college student.
  Anyway, I got in my truck and listened to Love Ya by SS501 as I drove the 5 miles to school.  I was early for my class which was good because I hadn't done the homework.  I managed to do my thumbnails for my magazine cover layout before my teacher noticed that I was finishing them in class. We turn in our nameplate designs next class period so i took a quick break from writting this and made mine.  I think it looks pretty cool. 
  I am going to head home to grab some food and then come back to work on my typography homework.  I am so behind.  I am looking forward to meeting Berry at Starbucks at 4 though so hopefully I will get a lot done before then.
  I will probably write more later so goodbye for now interwebz :)

-Melina Rose

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