Saturday, October 30, 2010

My days are like woooo so this post's for two ;)


I got up a bit before ten and did my devotional.  It is really good to be getting into the habit of doing it every day.  I showered and got dressed and did my hair and makeup and ate breakfast.  I then headed to school and worked on my gradient mesh flower.  I went straight to my Chiropractors appointment and my adjustment was really good.  By really good I mean that there were some very loud cracks and my neck ........ouch.  I definitely needed it.  I went back home and got ready for work while talking to St. and Lysa for a bit.  I headed to work and it was pretty slow until around 5 different sports teams came in.  I was sooo tired.  I had realized earlier in my shift that the only thing I had eaten was the Cream of Wheat that I had for breakfast.  I needed food.  It didn't help that Panda Express just opened across the street and you can smell it through our drive through window.  I went home and stayed up until around 3 in the morning to find out Lysas "unbiased review" on a certain musicians singing.  It was good.....:) 

Saturday (today)

I slept in until around noon because I really needed the sleep.  I woke up to a nice voicemail from Lysa and I called her back leaving a similar one.  I then got up and got dressed after which I did my devotions for today and posted about it.  I then started this post and was called downstairs to watch a movie with my parents.  Neither of them are downstairs with me.....  I have been told that I can not have my laptop with me during this movie so I shall be leaving you now. 

More later interwebz :)

-Melina Rose

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