Monday, October 18, 2010

Well....I'm disapointed in myself.

   I went home after Advance Photoshop was done this morning and made myself lunch.  It was very good.  I took two chicken tenderloins and drowned them in butter and Mrs. Dash.  Not complicated in the least but still very good.  My mom made a smoothie that I got part of too :).  I ended up leaving for school again after a break that was much to long. 
   I got to school and saw a guy from my church that I don't really talk to.  He talked to me.  It was weird.  Anyway, went upstairs to the computer lab and got on the computer.  Turned on some upbeat music and told myself to do homework...
   A few hours later.....
   I have accomplished nothing but Face booking, messing with some pictures and updating this blog.  I couldn't even find my assignment I was trying to work on in the book!! :(  *sigh*  It is 3pm and I am meeting Berry at 4 at Starbucks.  *sigh*
   I fail.
   At least I will turn in the rest of the homework from this morning for Advanced Photoshop.  I will work on my Gradient mesh for Advanced Illustrator too.  Man... I need to catch up in InDesign too....

Sorry I have failed you interwebz

-Melina Rose

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