Thursday, October 21, 2010

So I may have forgotten that fall break started today...

   This morning I woke up at 7:20am.  I got dressed and partially straightened my hair.  I gathered my books and headed out the door. 
   I arrived at my nearly deserted school right on time for class.  The classroom was locked and the one person around gave me a really weird look.  I decided to go home and check the calendar to see if for some reason we had no class today.
   I'm on fall break! Yes I forgot.  Yes I tried to go to my 8am class.
   I got home and got on the computer and after finding out that there is no class for the rest of this week I played some facebook games and talked to the few people who where online.  My mom came in and laughed at me and then went back to bed.  I am glad I could provide entertainment for people. 
My mom got back up and made a smoothie which we had for breakfast.  I found a picture of Kyoko from Skip Beat and decided to color it in Photoshop.  I haven't finished it yet but it looks pretty cool. 
Mom and I started making Butternut Squash soup.  We had tried it at the Landscape arboretum and it was soooo good.  It takes a while to make it so we had to start early.  I peeled and cut up the squash while she took care of the ginger, onion, and garlic.  You have to let the soup simmer for an hour so I took a nap for 30 min and then we went on a short walk. 
   I wanted to see how comfortable my new boots are to walk in so I chose to wear them on our walk.  They aren't bad at all so I think I will be wearing them to see the Dead Sea Scrolls tonight at the Science Museum with St..  I am excited. 
   After we got back from our rather chilly and windy walk Mom squeezed the orange and pureed the soup.  It was sooooo good.  
   The plan is to shower and then get my hair trimmed.  I think it is a little over halfway down my back now and the split ends are irking me.  I hope they don't have to trim off two inches like last time though.  I suppose if that is how much they need to though I will deal with it.  Supposedly it helps your hair grow better to trim it every two months.  I don't trim it every two months but I try to keep it split endless. lol
   After that I am not sure what I will be doing.  Probably some homework and cleaning or something.
I am really looking forward to tonight with St.!!  I get to stay at her dorm afterwards too!  :D Excited.

Do interwebz get to see the Dead Sea Scrolls?  I suppose you have pictures...

-Melina Rose

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