Monday, October 25, 2010

Convincing myself to go to bed. Because I should.

   I did more homework and talked to people on the computer. Lysa made me want a bento box so I made myself one.
   I brought my homework and laptop down and started on it.  I ended up making a bento box with a rice ball, two deviled eggs, a few grapes, and a small dish of jello.  I managed to spill the liquid jello all over our wood floor and burn myself on the lid of the egg pan but the food tastes good so it was worth it.
   It is difficult to try to talk to people while cooking lol.  I tried but for some reason my laptop was running slow on gmail chat.  Just gmail chat though..  (side note: many thanks to my dad for fixing my beloved laptop and returning her to me)  Jayne was on gmail and popped up in chat.
   Her and I have a very interesting relationship and it is very hard for me to continue staying friends with her.  Her decisions in life are terrible in my eyes and I try to be there for her but she continues to bring up things that I do not approve up that involve me.  There is someone that we mutually know that I want nothing to do with because he is scary.  He tends to get angry very easily and can be violent at times.  He has hurt my other friends and made at least of them cry.  I don't like him and I never want to talk about him with Jayne.  Unfortunately she considers this guy one of her best friends.  She continually goes on about how amazing he is and how he is such a good friend.  I'm glad he can be that for her but she needs to not talk about him to me.  She decided to bring that up and then talk bad about one of my friends.  She wonders why I got so mad at her.....  How can she not know when I told her straight up what was making me upset!? Gah.
   All of this was while I was cooking and attempting to talk to St. and Lysa.  It made me very upset.
Anyway I got on to give an update and then go to bed.  Therefore I need to go to bed.  It is much to late for me to be up.  I have a 10am class.

I hope I wake up on time interwebz...

-Melina Rose

P.S.  I made this today before going to bed.

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