Monday, October 18, 2010

To answer my random profile question...

My profile asked me to tell a group of kids a story about a bald frog and a wig.  My answer was to long so here it is :)

   Once upon a time there was a bald frog who always wore a wig.  All of the other frogs made fun of this frog.  "Why do you need to wear a wig?" they would tease. The frog would look at all of the humans with their hair and would sigh,” I wish I had hair".  The frog went to his mom and asked "why can't frogs have hair too?".  The wise mother frog responded, "Frogs don't need hair!  God made us the way we are and that is how we are meant to be.  Why do you need to be like something that you aren't meant to be?"  So the frog thought about his mother’s words and took off his wig.  And as he hopped off he was a much happier frog because he wasn't trying to be someone else.

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