Sunday, October 31, 2010

Excited for later today...... (Halloween)

   The movie was great except for a few parts.  Maybe you have heard of it.  It is called Just Wright
   After the movie was done I read some of my posts to my parents.  I didn't notice I had been reading for half an hour so I had to run to get ready for work. 
   Work was pretty good.  I worked with my two "nieces" as well as Mice who I hadn't worked with in forever.  One of my nieces I don't really like to much.  She tends to complain and tell me what to do a lot even though she is younger than me and hasn't worked there as long as I have.  This annoys me.  She told me to stop singing tonight.  It kind of made me rather mad.  She also told T-Bro to see if he could not talk for 15 minutes.  He didn't talk for half an hour.  I really want to call her nasty names.  Even though she was annoying me a lot I still had a good night.  Asian was talking Japanese the whole night.  No idea what he was saying most of the time but I want to learn!  lol
   I came home and got on the computer.  Lysa was supposed to be on but she wasn't so i talked to Bob, St. and someone from Lysas school.  I have been watching hair styling videos and planning St. and Is costumes for later today.  Sleep now though.  It is 3am. :)

Happy Halloween interwebz

-Melina Rose

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