Friday, October 22, 2010

We were climbing ninjas tonight

I left late and ended up braving some intense traffic to get to St.s abode.  There were three car crashes and I almost had one myself.  For some reason I didn't see a car coming and I started to pull in front of it.  I felt pretty stupid but nothing happened except for some swerving.  After I got to the college St. and I dropped off some of my stuff in her dorm.  We got some water and I grabbed a few pieces of licorice for the drive.
We drove to the science museum and found a parking spot on the duck level.  We took the elevator to the correct level and went in.  We were about to walk over and get in line for tickets when the security guard told us in a rather scary voice that we needed to go over to this table to have our bags checked.  He must have known that we were ninjas.  Well we passed the bag check easily.  Everyone knows that ninjas are stealthy. :P  We went and got in line for the tickets and LibE met us in line.  We headed over to the musical stairs and climbed all of the way to the top.
We climbed stairs.
There was no access to the exhibit from up there so we went through the main exhibit and took the elevator down a level to the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit.  We waited for a little bit and then got our audio tour devices.  The exhibit was pretty amazing.  I would definitely recommend it to people.  There was a lot about the history or the land and people and procedures and stuff.  It was to bad there was no photography allowed. I understand why though.  Those documents are over two thousand years old!!
After we left that exhibit area we went out into the geometric playground area right outside.  It was a blast!

"There are some really big kids on the playground!"  haha love little kids when they see teenagers doing little kid stuff. :P
We climbed playgrounds.

The science museum closed and we had to leave but not after piling onto a red blood cell chair while giggling crazily. St. and I took the elevator to our duck floor again and LibE went to her butterfly parking floor.  St. and I were being really goofy and ran and skipped to my truck.  So fun.  Evidently I look funny when i run in high heels lol.  Yes I was wearing high heeled boots the entire time there.  Playground and all.  Twas fun but my feet hurt a bit towards the end.
We drove back to St.s college and got the overnight parking pass.  It was kind of funny.  We are such good ninjas that we had to get their attention to get the pass.  They were just going to let us through. lol
We headed down to the snack cafe thing and tried to order orange chicken and egg rolls but they were out. :(  We opted for chicken quesadillas and i got chips and black beans with salsa.  It was very good.  We also got Mango smoothies and sat with LibE and talked about random stuff.  Things like eavesdropping on conversations in restaurants, people who keep their marriages secret for a long time, and how guys need to man up when they tell girls they like them.  Notes, facebook, and getting other people to tell somone that you like them is not ok!!  Man up! haha.
After eating LibE went to bed and St. and I went on an adventure.  We both got into darker clothes (sweatshirts and sweatpants) and sneakers and started out on our walk.  We looked for adventure.  We walked under a bridge and then I scaled a pretty tall wall.  It was at least twice as tall as I am and I am 5'7".  It was kind of terrifying at the top when there wasn't to much to hold on to but St.  grabbed on to my hand and even though it was scary I made it! lol

I climbed a wall.
We proceeded to skip/run off down the path until we came to a group of trees.  I got up into the tree pretty far and so did St..  A group of about three guys walked past on the path and we shouted hello at them from our hiding place in the tree.  They seemed a little confused and then we started giggling again. lol
We climbed trees. 
After that we continued on our walk and kept hiding from people and cars.  It was pretty epic.  Someone was getting in their car.  St. ran off down a hill and dropped into a shadow and I melted into a tree.  After the car was gone I ran over to her and did a nice slide and ended up next to her.
We continued  on to the island.  It was really creepy.  We both ran over the bridge and then St. ran ahead saying something about how I needed to see this "haunted" chapel.  I wanted no part in it. lol It sounded to much like the start of a horror movie.  But she was sitting on the steps and wouldn't move until i knocked on the door.  So we both knocked on the old handleless door and then I took off running.  If you couldn't tell I am easily creeped out.
We climbed the steps to the creepy chapel.
We started heading back to the dorms through the woods still keeping to the shadows.  There were a few dashes behind trees to avoid being seen by cars. St. decided to run through criss crossing sprinklers and i followed.  It was fun but she ended up completely soaked and my hair got all wet. We were rather cold.
Going through the parking lot on the way back to the dorms we found more things to climb.
We climbed a lamp post.

We climbed a cement block.
As we were sitting on that block and looking at the pictures we had been taking I noticed that a security guard was in the parking lot getting into his car.  It was past midnight and we weren't really supposed to be outside of the dorms if it was past midnight.  As soon as his back was turned we jumped the wall into the grass and bushes.  We stayed crouched down in the dew until we couldn't see his car anymore and then headed back to the dorms.
The fun picture taking didn't stop there though.  We found many more places to take pictures.  Under the stairs in a small space there with lots of messages inscribed on the underside of the stairs we sat for a while.  After that we found random places like the laundry room, a secluded chair, a cubby hole made by two couches pushed together that we found, a doorway that we smushed ourselves in so that our feet didn't touch the ground, and a few poles with wheels on them that we decided to hug.

We headed back to the dorm room and got waylaid by some girls from St.s biology class.  They talked for a while about some stuff they  needed to know for a quiz coming up.  I texted facebook and replied to a guy from our church who saw me here.  He goes to the same school as St. so he was confused to see me their but didn't say hi because he didn't know for sure if it was me.
After that we went back into the dorm room and got ready for bed.  We pulled out the futon and brushed our teeth.  St. studied for her test in OT tomorrow morning and I got on her computer to write this and to get on facebook.  I had a pirate versus ninja battle with one of Lysas schoolmates and I am very glad to say that I won with quite a bit of feisty attitude left over. They guy ended up going to bed. lol
I need to go to bed now though.  I only stayed up to finish this post to tell you about my wonderful night of ninjaness with St.

Be a good ninja interwebz

-Melina Rose

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  1. haha, I love ninjas! And the Dead Sea Scrolls! This sounds like awesome fun!
    Love the climbing part too. :D