Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A day kind of like yesterday...

   Well this morning I thought I had woken up to my alarm but it turns out I went back to sleep.  My mom was so kind as to wake me up ten minutes before my class. (Thanks Mom :)) As I was saying... I got up, grabbed my backpack, put some decent clothes on and went to school.  My first class was at 8 and is one that I don't like very much.  Advanced Electronic Publishing sounds like such a joy doesn't it?.....not really.  Anyway.  I got two of my assignments back.  B's on both.  I guess that is ok.  Then she hands me this post it note with my name and grade for the class so far on it.  Three absences.  F.
*world crashes*
   Long story short I finished a larger project I had due for that class and will hand it in today.  I went home and made myself ramen, recorded myself playing some random piano and then headed back to school for my next class that was at 12.  Advanced Computer Illustration was pretty good.  I finished the petal I was working on with the gradient mesh tool.  Just 20 something more to go. Haha....
   After that I came home, got on the computer, and uploaded my piano recording and some pictures of an outfit that I wanted to share with friends.
   I have to go back to school now.  I have Advanced Typography at 3 and it is 2:28. 

See ya round interwebz,

-Melina Rose

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