Thursday, October 28, 2010

2 Hours and 15min.............and some other stuff

   Today was a really busy day but a good one. :)  I got up 10 min before I needed to leave for class and threw on a t-shirt and then put a sweatshirt over it.  I looked outside and thought "mm it is raining again........why is it white?" 
   Yes our first snow was today.  No it wasn't what I was hoping it would be like.  It was more like it was slushing than snowing.  It was very cold and I was very glad for my mittens.
I got to my Advanced Photoshop class and was the only one with my Magazine cover done.  I sat around a little bit and talked to people on the computer.  I finished my numbers project up and printed it out.  Lazed around a bit more and then turned in my project.
   Md and I headed to my house and ate lunch while watching part of Transformers.  I had chili and she has spagettios.  Yum.  We left my house at 1:15 pm so that we could run to her house to get her book cover and coat but we were talking so I automatically headed to school.  We didn't notice until we were practically there so she said she would get it some other time. 
   Once we were at school she went to class and I went up to the computer lab to work on homework. I made a couple more polyvore sets and after a bit of meandering around the internet I got down to it.  I spent two hours and fifteen minutes on my gradient mesh dahlia.  I tried to go buy something to drink but the change machine wouldn't take my five.  It was very sad.  I went back to my computer and Bob suggested finding a drinking fountain.  I did and the water was surprisingly freezing cold! 
   I got back to my project and then left for home so that I would be showered for youth group tonight.  I got my hair partially dry by the time I had to leave.  It was meal night this week.  We had chili with cheese and sour cream as well as cornbread and chocolate chip cookies. 
The word was given first on the 6th commandment which is Don't kill.  It was a good word and we split into small groups.  After small groups we got back together for the blast and then jumped into worship.  It was really good.  We had a new song and then the other ones were really good too.  At the end they had mercy is falling and Bree and Christal and I all did the actions that we learned years ago in VBS. 
   I need to go to bed now because it is almost 1am but I will tell you about the rest in my next post.  Haha not that you care to much but eh.... whatevs.

Night night interwebz

-Melina Rose


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